BARON licenses

BARON licenses give access to the full software with no restriction on the size of problems that can be addressed and no restriction on the number or type of concurrent BARON runs.  Single-user licenses entitle a single individual to run multiple jobs on multiple processors using BARON under any combination of MATLAB, YALMIP, JuMP, Pyomo or BARON's native modeling language, on any combination of hardware and operating systems for which BARON is available.  Multi-user licenses are required if the code will be used by more than one person.

Current BARON license prices are as follows:
  • Single-user licenses cost $640 for academics* and $3,200 for all others.
  • Ten-user licenses are available at three times the cost of a single-user license.
  • Site licenses (for unlimited number of users) are available at thirty times the cost of a single-user license.
  • Our licenses include free upgrades to all BARON versions released within a year from the date of purchase. Following the first year after purchase, we offer a license maintenance program that provides upgrades at a cost of 20% of the current cost of the software.
Our licenses are governed by the BARON end-user license agreement. If you would like to purchase a BARON license, please contact our sales department for electronic payment information. 
*: Single-user academic licenses are provided for free to individuals affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University or the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If you have a valid CMU or UIUC email address, use our CMU/UIUC BARON license generator to obtain your free BARON license.